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Hey Everyone,

I’m back, with less and fewer days being left to pack and get my blog posts up! I honestly can’t sustain my excitement for the events that we participate in and as for meeting the girls, I’m super excited to meet my roommate!

I am so inspired when it comes to fashion. I love the fact that you have different styles to work with, different types of clothing (dresses, shorts, blouses etc.). When you’re looking for something in a store than most of the time you’re just cruising around but sometimes you’re looking for something specific. When it comes to clothing, everything is specific, whether it’s that new ‘Louis Vuitton’ Rose Ballerine Shoulder Flap Bag or those ‘Gucci’ Ace Embroidered White Leather Sneakers, then you’re always choosing a colour and look that suits your taste… whether you prefer those gold heels or silver heels, those strappy heels or those full on covered heels. Who knows?! But what I do know is that whatever you’re wearing will show people around you what your type of style is, when you’re wearing something then it can compliment your face, your body type etc. but most of all it can catch someone’s eye. That’s what I meant when I was talking about the fact that fashion and clothing can be specific because when we buy something then we want it to fit our needs.

Now as I can say even though most of us love GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON, than sometimes or anytime it can’t fit our budget,  this is why I wanted to show you the fashion that I am totally into, that will definitely make the cut into your budget!

In the pictures below: I have three lovely young ladies showing you some clothes that are just beautiful, but still, have a great price. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to look great!

Cameron(Left), Sonya(Middle) and Mackenzie(Right)

Cameron(Left), Sonya(Middle) and Mackenzie(Right)

First, let me start off with introducing you to these lovely ladies. These three ladies are part of a family of 5 in total, with the Mom/Wife (Sonya), 2 girls (Cameron and Mackenzie), one boy (Hudson) and the Dad/Husband (Vince).

I personally thought that writing a blog post about the outfits of a mother and her daughters would be adorable and that’s exactly what I did!

These girls are showing off their inner style and honestly I am totally loving it! As for most people by now must be intrigued to find out the prices for these clothes, I’ll just have to get right into it!

Sonya’s outfit looks simple but great. Her outfit includes a white dress with black designs all over, styled with brown sandals as well as a pair of black sunglasses.

Sonya (Mom):

Her Dress was from ‘OLD NAVY’ for $29

Shoes are from ‘GUESS’ for $29

Sunglasses are also from ‘GUESS’ for $29

Total Price Of Full Outfit= $87

Moving on to Cameron (Oldest Daughter):

Cameron and her outfit look super pretty! Cameron’s outfit has some pop of color to it with a zip-up dress and might I add beautifully patterned dress with Gold sandals.

Cameron’s Outfit Prices:

The Dress is from ‘The Bay’ for $40

Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price Of Full Outfit: $59

Last but definitely not least, Mackenzie’s outfit! Makenzie looked absolutely adorable in her outfit which was a light colored butterfly dress with Hot Pink sandals.

Mackenzie’s Outfit Prices:

Her Dress is from ‘H & M’ for only $5

Her Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price of Full Outfit: $24


All in all, as you can tell these outfits were hits! They weren’t designer clothes but looked fantastic paired with the right pair of shoes! I hope you all have found some inspiration from this blog post! Now maybe, you know what stores to shop at, for the perfect gift for the right price!

Before I say, my goodbye’s until Pageant Week, I want to give big thanks to Sonya, Cameron, and Mackenzie for helping me out because without them than I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog post!

As always, thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more!

Lots of love,


P.S — These photo’s were taken at Tanger Outlets 🙂


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Hey, everyone!

The countdown to the ‘Miss Teenage Canada’ Pageant begins, less than 2 weeks until I meet and reunite with the other lovely delegates and have a busy week filled with different activities. I am extremely overwhelmed but super excited! For today’s blog post I will be sharing with you all, the best place in Ottawa.

Ottawa being the heart (Capital) of Canada has lot’s of attractions (historical attractions, festivals, etc.), such as the Parliament Building, Canadian Tulip Festival, Bluesfest and much more but my favorite is definitely a classic and a place that is well known in Ottawa.

In my opinion, the best place in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal which is a National Historic Site and is available for you to visit year round. The Rideau Canal is 202 kilometers in length which is the same length as driving from Mascouche, Quebec to Ottawa which would take 2 hrs and 12mins. So, now you can really imagine how long the Rideau Canal actually is.


I believe that having the Rideau Canal in your area is great because it keeps you busy and very active, mostly during the summer and winter. During the summer, you get the opportunity to go for a walk/run or bike ride on the paths and enjoy nature just by the Canal. You can also enjoy Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Fishing. As for the Winter, you can enjoy skating and once you start to get tired, you can take a break by enjoying a delicious Beavertail with some warm hot chocolate!

When was the Rideau Canal opened? 

The Rideau Canal was opened in the year 1832, after the War of 1812.

What is the length of the Rideau Canal Skateway? 

Although, the Rideau Canal itself is 202km in length, during the Winter it has a specific length that is used as the Skateway which is 7.8km, also equivalent to 90 Olympic sized skating rinks.

Why was the Rideau Canal constructed?

The Rideau Canal was constructed to make a navigable waterway between Lake Ontario and the Ottawa River.

Why was the Rideau Canal designed?

 The Rideau Canal was designed to provide a secure supply route from Montreal to Kingston.

During the Winter how long is the Skateway opened?

The Skateway is opened 24 hours a day and the duration of the season depends on the weather but typically is open through January to March.

Fun Fact: The Rideau Canal holds the record for being the largest naturally frozen ice rink in the world.- Guinness Book of World Records 2005

Answers to these Questions are from; Rideau Canal Info


“It was really neat checking out the canal, they have little bridges on the gates that let you go across the canal. Made for a nice relaxing walk.” – Unknown

“This is a truly beautiful city, worth exploring. The canal can be biked, ran or walked and in different seasons. Beautiful place!” – G.V

“A heritage landmark. A great place to let all your worries melt away. A must see for any visitor. You can bike, walk, or drive along this beautiful picturesque landmark.” -L.T

“Definitely a Canadian experience to be here during the winter skating season.
During the other seasons, it’s a beautiful place to meander and relax.” -D.R

4.7 / 5 Stars with 493 Google Reviews 

As you all can tell by now, the Rideau Canal is a beautiful place. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to tell you some facts about the Rideau Canal and why I personally like it. If any readers haven’t been to see the Rideau Canal, then I highly suggest it!

Stay tuned to read my next blog post soon!

Lot’s Of Love,


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Hello, Everybody!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather so far because I know that I have!

I have to say that the past 2 weeks have been very delightful! On June 3rd, I got to attend one of our community’s Nursing Homes up in Stittsville. I got to meet some of the residents and then I got to enjoy an eventful Bingo game! Ruth was one of the residents I was sitting beside and with whom I got the chance to help mark her numbers. I loved the fact that before the game she was taking her time, choosing her 2 bingo cards, I asked her if she enjoyed playing bingo she replied with “It’s better if I win”, as she was lucky enough to be the first bingo winner! I had such a wonderful time at the Nursing Home because it made my day, everybody was so kind. As well, everyone congratulated me on my success of getting the title and they all wished me luck for the ‘Miss Teenage Canada’ Pageant!

Stay tuned for more!



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Hey, everyone! So if you live in Ottawa than you probably know that May is always so busy, probably the busiest month out of them all! Since there are so many things going on in May here in Ottawa, today was the day that I got to go and see one of my favorite tourist attractions which is the ‘Tulip Festival’.

I remember that as a kid, I would always go and see the colorful tulips. It was definitely one of my favorite things to see! I still go to the Tulip Festival to this day because it’s right by the Rideau Canal which makes the whole scene even more beautiful!

Canada’s 150th Birthday Tulips


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a new post soon!

xx, Jesika

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Hey, everyone! This post is just an update on what I’ve been up too!

Well for starters, I’ve been very busy with school. I’ve been spending lot’s of time, studying for tests and getting projects done on time. I’ve also been pretty busy with some sports.

Other than that, everything still remains the same. Although, I do have news on what I’ve been up to this past weekend. This weekend was an important weekend for me. Sunday, April 9 was the first day that I’ve been out in public with my sash.

Event: As most of you may or may not know, my platform is for the Ottawa Humane Society. It was fortunate for me because The Ottawa Humane Society was holding an Easter themed event! I got to see some adorable animals that we’re in need of homes. I saw some very fluffy cats, some very cute bunnies, and 6 adorable dogs!

I’m happy to say that some of the animals were adopted!


Jesika 🙂

My crown was falling off lol

Got to do some crafts!

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Hello, everybody!

I am so proud to say that I am your new Miss Teenage Ottawa 2017!

Imagine this;  just 2 months ago, I was like any other 13-year old girl going to school who had interests in English and Drama. I was just enjoying my days by spending time with my friends and being active with sports. Until one Saturday morning, I walk downstairs, while having my dog, Rocky following me to the kitchen. As I walk into the kitchen, I see two sheets of paper that have the “Miss Teenage Canada” logo on it at the top and both papers require personal information. I had heard about the “Miss Teenage Canada Pageant” the year before but was too young to apply. Anyways, as I have the papers in my hands, I’m slightly shaking and I’m smiling to myself. I call my dad (since both my parents were at work that day) and he already knew what I was calling about, and he said “And do you wanna do it?” as for a second, I go speechless and I am having so many thoughts crossing my mind. Some thoughts I was having were like, “This seems like a great experience” (which I was right about). I also had a thought “Will I fall on the stage when I’m walking in my heels?” as I was thinking that, I laughed a little. It took me 2 days to decide if I should send in my application, even though there wasn’t much to think about because I knew it would be something that I would enjoy doing.  So, we had sent in the papers and I had my interview. After 2 days, I get the e-mail saying “Congratulations”! I screamed when I read that e-mail, my heart was pounding so much in joy and slight shock.

Fast forwarding to the pageant; The pageant took place in Toronto (Jan 21-22). I walk into the hotel on Friday, holding my pup, Rocky in my hands while my parents get the cards to our room. We finally get to the room and unpack, that night I went to bed around 11:30 pm.

Saturday – 10:00 am: Practice Starts

I had to sign in and while I did that, I met Michele Weswaldi who was very nice. Once I finished with signing in, I went and sat down in the room that some girls were already in. I met many girls who were in the pageant competing with me, they were so nice. I met Shawn, who taught us how to properly walk in heels. I had also met Hollywood, who taught us the opening dance. The practice lasted about 8 hours and had 2 hours which included the “Bathing Suit Segment” and my “Interview”.

Sunday – 10:00am

I had a practice that day for about 10 hours with on and off breaks, followed with a 3-hour pageant. My feet started to hurt a little because I wore the heels for 14 hours, even on my breaks.

Pageant Time:

Finally came along the pageant, we had many things to do and there were so many things to remember like how to walk, what was the dance, where I was supposed to go and what things I needed to say. The pageant was great itself, but the crowning moment was the best part! All of the girls (including myself) were standing in rows waiting for the crowning moment of the pageant to start. I was in the second row, on the very end. Before the crowning actually started, there were some things disregarded about when we had our interviews and what we have to do if we did get crowned. Then, there it was, the moment we all were waiting for. They started calling up the numbers (my number was 13), I didn’t expect much but I knew that I worked hard and did my best. To my surprise, they called my number. I looked at the bright lights above me and picked up my dress so it would be a little easier to walk. I started walking toward the middle of the stage with a smile on my face. I was so happy and so overwhelmed with the joy, it was honestly the best thing in my life! I was so proud of myself and what I had accomplished. I did my stand, smiling at the crowd of people that we’re seated, I walked to the right side of the stage to stand with the rest of the girls! It was such a great experience!

The Pageant!

The Pageant!

Now some facts about me:

I was born in a small town in Poland. I was raised in Ottawa since I was 1 and a half years old. I’m an only child, living with my mom, dad and Toy Poodle x Chihuahua x Yorkie dog, Rocky. I love animals very much. I enjoy swimming, playing soccer and basketball. I love helping out as much as I can so I will be doing lots of volunteer work!

I hope you learned a little about me and the wonderful experience I have had and I can’t wait to share with you all about the events I attend! I’ll be reading the comments often so I’m excited to see what your thoughts and opinions are on the things I share with you! If you wish to do so, you can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram !


Miss Teenage Ottawa 2017





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Hello World… okay more like Ontario/Canada,

Today was the first day! I arrive at the hotel in Toronto shortly after 11am along with 5 other of the Saskatchewan delegates. (The Sasquaches as they are apparently called). Being form Ottawa, Ontario, I don’t know many pole from Saskatchewan s it was great to hear their stories an experiences (especially about horses… you know who you are #MissTeenageCentralSaskachewan).

My room mate, Aneurin (right) and I (left)

My room mate, Aneurin (right) and I (left)

We mingled for bit getting ot know each other an were then assigned our roommates. I got paired up with the loverly Aneurin from Saskatchewan (Sa

squach!) We helped each other get all pretty and then headed back down to the Ballroom fat around 7pm Opening Ceremonies for 2016 Miss Teenage Canada. The room was just a

frenzy if crowns and beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses. Getting everything into registration was a breeze, especially considering the hours or preparation that wen tinto all of the paperwork.

We were then allowed to enjoy the evening more, and just mix and mingle around. We got our new sashes, which say only our province (No more titles 🙁 ). We also got official Miss Teenage Canada shirts and ball caps. (Dad, the hat’s pink so you can’t steal this one (; ).

I couldn't stop eating this chocolate even to take a picture.

I couldn’t stop eating this chocolate even to take a picture.

First of all I had to check out the man with the chocolate. Sam Bhutia from Sweets Canada was there with all sorts of different flavours like Banana Caramel Cinnamon. When I die I want to be buried in this chocolate. It was to die for! We also got a gift basket of gourmet bars and edible flower bars. Yup you read right; edible flower bars. There are flowers infused with the chocolate to amplify the flavour and appearance. Check out their gourmet bars here.

We also got out shoes that we will be dancing in on the final night and boy are they cute!! We’ll get the chance to check out more shoes on Tuesday when we visit the Bata Shoe Museum at around 11:30am. Because what girls week out would be complete without a day filled with shoes. #WhatAGirlWants #WhatAGirlNeeds.

Future beauty queen handing out shay butter, courtesy of Golden Glamour Goddesses.

Future beauty queen handing out shay butter, courtesy of Golden Glamour Goddesses.

Speaking of what girls want, Golden Glamour Goddesses was there too! GGG is beauty salon specializing in spray tans, spray brightening, airbrush makeup, eye lash extensions and hair styling. This little cutie was also handing out little samples of shay butter. What a beauty!

Grabbed my ball just before it went in the hole.... The Golden Power Ranger Strikes again!

Grabbed my ball just before it went in the hole…. The “Golden Power Ranger” strikes again!

I also had a great time with Bradlee Ryall Golf AcademyThis was such a fun mini gold course. Check out the video of my hole in one (sort of) here. They teach golf lessons (which I clearly need) across Toronto at 6 locations to people of all ages. Unfortunately for me, there was a little boy, Brixen, with more experience than me and boy was he sneaky too! The “Golden Power Ranger” (Brixen) way out golfed me! Luckily for us we will get the opportunity to be taught again at a large group lesson on Wednesday (Super excited!). We’ll all play a mini tournament after that and the winner will receive two SWING Active Wear golf jackets. My Aunt Cathy used to play golf and loved to watch it too. So here’s hoping I have some of the in me too! 😉 (Aunt Cathy I need to learn through osmosis. send me good vibes)

Watch out Miss Teenage Canada ;) (with Miss Teenage South Central Ontario)

Watch out Miss Teenage Canada 😉 (with Miss Teenage South Central Ontario)

Good thing we'll have lessons soon!

Good thing we’ll have lessons soon!

I got a chance to “take out the competition” thanks to Archers Arena, an archery that we will be visiting on Thursday. I could sure use a few lessons as I don’t think I know quite what I’m doing yet…. luckily there was a giant marshmallow at the end so my lack of Katness Everdeen wasn’t detrimental to anyone.

Ever loved a painting so much you wished you could take it with you? Well now you can with Nuvango. Nuvango is a Toronto based company that takes artwork, such as paintings and sets them to shirts, active wear and pants. We were lucky enough to each get a free shirt or pant form them!

Here with the shirt I got and the representative from Nuvango

Here with the shirt I got and the representative from Nuvango

Absolutely love these sunglasses! Wearing them with everything. They make such a splashing effect (Get it splash? like pool party... with sunglasses.... oh never mind)

Absolutely love these sunglasses! Wearing them with everything. They make such a splashing effect (Get it splash? like pool party… with sunglasses…. oh never mind)

V.P.I Canada Limited made a special appearance giving out free designer sunglasses. to each delegate. And what a selection! I swear I could have been there for hours just trying on all the different glasses. I finally decided on a beautiful pair of Bolero Brown Textured Clubmaster Sunglasses with Top Bar, regularly $54.99 (plus shipping and handling). V.P.I also sells reading glasses (Dad, I’m talking to you! No more Dollarama glasses please).

Hashtagio was showing collections of past Miss Teenage Canada Contest. it was great to see some of last years photos. A little background on Hashtagio; Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing that was at the show collecting all of our #missteenagecanada2016 and projecting it live to the party. I love companies/people like Hashtagio, because for someone like me who isn’t as well verse in social media, it is a great way to project the advantages of social media. and even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto. Basically all of the photos will be directed to the Miss Teenage Canada page so that fans/friends/family/dogs can see everyone’s pictures. Forget a tag? Not a problem with Hastagio.

At the end of the night we got pizza and cake with a ceremonial cake cutting by the previous Miss Teenage Canada, the loverly Sarah Dawn. Check out the video of it here. We also had a “golf off” where all of the girls who got a hole in one competed for the prize! By the end there were two girls left; Kendal and Stacy. They kept tying for the longest time, in fact they ended up having to shoot all the way from the evaluators. Eventually it was Stacy who took home the prize. So a big congratulations to her… Most of us could still use some practise.

More still to come; appearances by Sally Hanson, Archer Dental, and Rimmel London.



Miss Teenage Ottawa 2016

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Hey everyone,

1 day before Nationals is super crazy. Between getting paperwork and late minute blog entries, but I’m super pumped for the experience. For our first blog assignment we were asked to pick something about our city that is unique and makes people want to come. Ottawa has so many amazing things, and most of the time people are inclined to talk about the canal or parliament buildings.

My friends and I (Kendra, myself and Jessica) all skating on the canal.

My friends and I (Kendra, myself and Jessica) all skating on the canal.

Skating on the canal is wonderful and visiting the parliament building is a super unique experience however it’s something that once you have done it once or twice it gets very old. So I decided to choose something that brings people from near and far but also excited the locals year after year: Ottawa Bluesfest.

Bluesfest originally started catering to blues bands (a style very similar to jazz… however not to be confused with the jazz festival). It has since branched out for there, this year bringing in bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alessia Cara, Brad Paisley and so much more. The volunteer positions for Bluesfest are all gone within a few days of posting. Student tickets will be sold out months before the show and there is always a huge line outside of the Bluesfest Office.

There are bands for everyone, as well as 50/50 draws, concession or food and merchandise. This year the merchandise was created by KANIA, an Ottawa based design company that features two main designers; Stacy and Arfie. I had the pleasure of meeting them earlier this week and I was then asked to come out a model and help sell some of their merchandise. Naturally I was thrilled. Take Me To The Place I Love!

And what energy! From the moment you enter Bluesfest, there are a million people all with their own individual stories and through the crowd you’ll find you’ll meet many.

I met one family who has travelled form Sweden to come and see Brad Paisley at Bluffest. Another little girl came to see Alessia Cara (couldn’t have been more than 8 years old). And became fascinated with the way that Arfie was cutting shirts. So we worked together to let her help up create the fridge for one of the shirts. That little girl is going to grow up to be a designer one day!

I got to meet up with one lady who had created a abound with her husband and were driving back home that night to perform the next night. it was great to see local bands wearing local Ottawa made and designed shirts.

Loved meeting this super hip Classic Rock Band!

Loved meeting this super hip Classic Rock Band!

Also just meeting the other volunteers and hearing their story and what brought them o Bluesfest. As a people person, this is why I love bluffest. And seeing the concerts live is just remarkable. Being what seems like face toffee with your favourite artists all in your own home town really makes the experience just so much more enjoyable. And with semi-easy bus service after most concerts it makes getting home simple (most of the time).

Love the volunteers at Bluesfest! Great Stories, Great Company!

Love the volunteers at Bluesfest! Great Stories, Great Company!

All in all Bluesfest is a blast, though it was originally for a very specific group of music, I love how it has branched out and touched so many people in the Ottawa area and beyond.

Stay tuned for more stories like this form Nationals.



Miss Teenage Ottawa 2016

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